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In part with working in conjunction with Denver International Airport, we have developed a solution which will bring great digital convenience and advancement. Denver Me is a comprehensive yet user-friendly solution which integrates digital marketing, mobile application and engagement marketing all at once.

Our Technology

Denver Me is a mobile application that connects mobile devices to our advertising device. Giving users a better alternative to browse through all brands and services that businesses and retails provide. Users can save their favourite brands and refer whenever convenient.

Analytical Report

Effective analytical reporting provides constructive information that may assist in making insightful business decisions. Denver Me’s optimized reporting process would inform managers of the most relevant information they need to make well-informed decisions, which in turn may increase communication, productivity, accuracy and timeliness of the business.

User Demographics

By gathering enough information about the target audience, the desired sales results will be attainable at a much effective rate. Denver Me compiles a series of consumer demographics which include traits or characteristics such as age, sex, marital and parental status, and income and educational levels. Thus, giving businesses the upper hand to better target its messages to the audience.

DSS Enabled

The Decision Support System plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. With a top-down view on the entire operations through a real-time operations monitoring dashboard, key-executives and C-suites would receive the first-hand information of any details which require immediate attention.

Content Management

To stay organized and on top of the content output, content management is a crucial aspect that needs to be scrutinized. Businesses can manage all their content, promote their products, send users newsletters and schedule posts on Denver Me.

Ads Deployment

Businesses and retails can easily put their advertisements into motion through the Advertising Platform System. Promotions and coupons could be sent to the visitors whenever they are nearby the area or based on their preferences.

Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor will track the flow of visitors and customers by detecting their digital presence through the mobile application and WiFi. Businesses can obtain information on the movements and stay duration of the visitors at the retail stores to get a better understanding on the consumer behaviour.

Clienteles and Partners

We believe in empowering our clients and partners to a much more competitive edge above others. We’d love to work with anyone who is keen on joining us in championing this course to empower more companies, SMEs, MNCs and even entrepreneurs.

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